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Have you ever gone outside to see an ambulance at your neighbors or Police, Fire Or Ems Flying down the Street with Lights and Sirens, and thought to yourselves… “What’s going on…” Well here at NEIC we have dispatchers all over the country who are Dispatcher’s, EMT’s, Medics, Fire Fighters, Police Officers, Emergency Service Workers, Scanner/Radio Buffs, PST’S, PIO’S or your everyday average citizen who’s only interest is to Keep you Informed on what’s going on around you.

NEIC Is dedicated to bringing up to date information to the public as the incident occurs.

Should you see something while your outside say something. After you report the incident to the authorities if needed. Please call us on the neic hotline at 609-807-1911 or by emailing


NEIC  knows that Most Emergency Service workers love what they do and want to stay informed on  what’s going on while they are off duty, But chances are they don’t feel like sitting in front of their radio or scanners after a long day, But they would like to know what’s going on in the cities, or towns around them, in case they called for Mutual aid.  So why sit at your radio all day? Why monitor a scanner all day?  Sit in the comfort of your home, relaxing & watching TV, and let NEIC monitor the Incident, and Let you know what’s going on.

Here at National Emergency Incident Communications (NEIC for short), we bring you reports of emergency incidents live, as they are happening, and we deliver them to your cell-phone, pager, e-mail, or any txt, sms, mms device.

We have dedicated Dispatchers with current and past experience in public service, who monitor emergency incidents from all over the country, and page out the details related to Fire, EMS, Police, Weather & Traffic situations 24 hours, 7 days a week.

As a NEIC subscriber, you have the ability to customize your alerts & alert areas anytime day or night. We also give our dispatchers the ability to receive alerts as well.‚Äč

NEIC also utilizes a Hotline via Text, E-mail, Radio over IP & Phone, which enable our dispatchers to report incidents directly from the scene giving you a first hand report of the incidents live as they are happening.


******* Would you like to become a member simply go to           ****************

fill out a subscriber acct and your all set.


Should you want to become an Neic Dispatcher . please fill a dispatcher application located on the neic website under dispatcher application, Filling out the contact us form or by calling the Neic call center at 609-807-1911

A Neic Dispatcher application is also available on the neic cad system under the info tab and click dispatcher application.