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Changes to Neic

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Changes to Neic

From The Office Of SNNJ LLC
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Louis Marinconz
NEIC – Chief Operations Officer

Effective on The 2nd Day of June 2021 I Mark D. Westman Owner Founder Of SNNJ LLC / Neic News & Affiliated Pages Has Reached out to Louis Marinconz with a proposal to become The Chief Operating Officer of NEIC NEWS.

Mr. Louis Marinconz has accepted and will be the chief operating officer (COO)Effective 6/4/2021.
Mr Marinconz is a senior executive tasked with overseeing the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of Neic News& will assume the call sign of car-01.

The executive board of SNNJ LLC & affiliate page of EC-911IA will assist Louie car _1 in the transition Process to his new role.
SNNJ LLC will continue to be the owner of the neic.news domain which includes the cad system, social media pages & tips hotline. The neic news cad system and social media pages will be under the sole direction of Louis Marinconz.

SNNJ LLC Will agree to pay all cad system fee’s along with technical support associated with the cad system developed by HDG Until the end of the Current domain contract which ends in April of 2022. At that time Louie will have the ability to take over sole ownership of neic news and payments should he choose to do so. SNNJ LLC will work with the NEIC coo to continue to operate the system should it be feasible to do so at that time.

Neic News May not be sold, converted or transferred To another network without the written consent of SNNJ LLC.

The chief operating officer (COO) WILL Build a Complete Administrative Staff, Along with Dispatchers, Field services Personnel & Any Other Staff Position That Might be needed for the Successful Operations of The Neic Network.

SNNJ LLC Board of Directors and Management Team Will remain In The Neic cad System. The cad will be 100% Controlled BY THE CHIEF OPERATIONS OFFICER.

Thank you

Mark D. Westman

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